Simple, Effective.

First: Pull enough Secure Cord from the dispenser carton to cover the length of your cables.

Then: Cut Secure Cord with scissors.

Finally: Lay Secure Cord over your cords and run your hands along the edges to fix in place.

The hooks on the underside of Secure Cord grip the carpet to secure in place. The void along the middle of Secure Cord allows enough room for 3-4 cords, depending on thickness.  

  • 4" / 100mm wide
  • Tough 100% Nylon cover
  • Handy dispenser carton - Cut to any length required
  • Available in two sizes:  82ft / 25m & 16.5ft / 5m 
  • Available in Yellow (highlights cords) or Black (hides them)
  • Re-Usable & Washable
  • For use on any loop carpet