Minimize trip hazards

Tidy up corridors

Simple to use

Handy dispenser carton


Cable Management for Carpets

Secure Cord presents the worlds most efficient way to manage loose cables on carpet. Reduce the risk of trips in the workplace or easily tidy up unsightly cords along walls and doorways.

Secure Cord's clever design makes it the lowest profile cord cover of its type and its 'cut to length' flexibility means no job is too big or small - Just Measure, Cut and Secure.

Ideal for use in: Offices, Schools, Stages, Trade Shows, Government Buildings, Church Halls, Hospitals, Homes - anywhere where cables and carpet meet!  

  • 4" / 100mm wide
  • Tough 100% Nylon cover
  • Handy dispenser carton - Cut to any length required
  • Available in two sizes:  82ft / 25m & 16.5ft / 5m 
  • Available in Yellow (highlights cords) or Black (hides them)
  • Re-Usable & Washable
  • For use on any loop carpet

Watch: Secure Cord in 60 seconds